Fundraising for your organization has never been easier!

Are you tired of selling pepperoni pizzas, candy bars and lollipops? Are you making enough profit on your organization's fundraiser? The Blue Heron Discount Card Program is designed to maximize the amount of return to your organization. Profits are 65%-80%, if selling a $10.00 card.

Why You Should Use Blue Heron Discount Cards

  • No Inventory to Stock

    With these popular discount cards, there is No Inventory to Stock! There is no need to worry about storing fundraiser boxes in your home, or finding room in the refrigerator. These cards can easily be stored in your purse, wallet or school backpack.

  • We Have a History of Fundraiser Success

    Blue Heron is dedicated to making sure that your organization is profitable. Don't just take our word for it. Click here to read what others are saying about Blue Heron Discount Cards.

  • Discounts from Businesses in Your Community

    Blue Heron will strive to obtain the best possible discount offers from the businesses in your community. Businesses are never charged for their ads, and all production costs are the responsibility of Blue Heron, unless your artwork requires special attention.

  • Works for Many Types of Groups

    We work with a variety of organizations, usually with 30 people or more. Discount Cards are most popular with Sports Teams, Greek Organizations, Military Members, and Schools.

  • Excellent Price Point

    Our suggested $10 selling price makes Blue Heron Discount Cards affordable.  In fact, they are perfect for the average college student on a budget. Students save money at participating restaurants, car washes, electronic stores and other local merchants at a discount.

  • Blue Heron's Guarantee

    We guarantee 100% product satisfaction.