College Discount Card Fundraiser

University Clubs, Fraternities, Sororities

Many college organizations need the extra help with fundraisers, but most are looking for something easy that sells. Blue Heron Discount Cards are perfect for the average college student on a budget. Students save money at participating restaurants, car washes, electronic stores and other local merchants at a discount. There is no better time to sell discount cards! If you think that using our discount cards is a fundraising option for you, please fill out our questionnaire for a price quote.

65%-80% Profit! Ask us how!

Blue Heron will work with your organization to provide a high quality fundraising discount card. Whether it's for a Greek Organization, University Club or Marching Band, any college organization can benefit from selling these cards. The turnover rate is incredible when you sell a $10.00 card. Your Profit will be 65-80%!

For more information regarding Blue Heron Discount Cards, click the free information button below or click the red Get Started button to fill out our questionnaire.

University of Delaware College of Agriculture Discount Card
Delaware Tech Discount Card
Wilmington University Student Life Discount Card
Delaware State University Alumni Discount Card
Delaware Military Academy Football Discount Card