About Blue Heron Discount Cards

Discount cards are made by numerous companies in the USA, but Blue Heron is separated from others because of our personal service and our philosophy, "The customer is always right!" Over the years, we have seen discount cards from competitors that seem to be created with little thought and creativity. With Blue Heron, our company works with you, the client and the various participating businesses, to make sure that a top quality product is delivered with maximum results. Rather than present a card, with special discount offers that appeal only to a certain genre, we rely on our clients input to help create the card with variety.

Blue Heron Ent, Inc. will work with each participating business, and organize a professional looking fundraising card for each of its clients to sell. Typically Blue Heron develops these discount cards for school fundraising, military fundraising, university organization fundraising, as well as sports team and marching band fundraising. However, we are willing to work with other organizations as well.

Founder and President, Pete Reed has a B.A. Degree from the University of Delaware, and attended graduate school at Salisbury State University, in Salisbury, Maryland. Pete began his career working for a discount card company in California and decided to form is own company in 1995, along the Delmarva Peninsula.