The Discount Card Fundraiser that Works!

Why Blue Heron Discount Cards

Fundraising Made Easy

Fundraising for your organization has never been easier!

Provide the needed information and get your cards 3-5 weeks later. Blue Heron handles the contracts and other work. It's that simple!

Quality Discount Cards

It is easier, safer and the return is greater than most fundraisers.

Blue Heron discount cards are profitable and well known throughout high schools, colleges, and military organizations.

Extensive Experience

Blue Heron puts their years of experience to work for you.

Since 1995, Blue Heron has designed and distributed thousands of discount cards throughout the United States.

The Decision is Easy!

The Decision is Easy

Up to 80% Profit

The Blue Heron Discount Card Program is designed to maximize the amount of return to your organization. Profits are 65%-80%, if selling a $10.00 card.

No Inventory to Stock

No storing fundraiser boxes in your home, or finding room in the refrigerator. These cards can easily be stored in your purse, wallet or school backpack.

Great Offers

Blue Heron will strive to obtain the best possible discount offers from the businesses in your community. Businesses are never charged for their ads, and all production costs are the responsibility of Blue Heron, unless your artwork requires special attention.

100% Guarantee

We work with a variety of organizations, usually with 30 people or more, and we guarantee 100% product satisfaction.

Our Customers Say It Best...

"With four kids actively involved in a variety of extracurricular and sports programs, I have been an active fundraiser for the past 15 years. I have two requirements when choosing a fundraiser. I have to make over 50% profit to the organization that I'm raising money for, and, I absolutely refuse to consider a fundraiser where any stock is involved. Discount cards accomplish both of these goals, and, Blue Heron is the best that I've ever been involved with. What sets Blue Heron apart from the rest of the cards that I've seen is the quality of the vendor offers. If you put out a quality product, resales the following year are a cinch."

Michael Bickler
Hillsboro Oregon Youth Sports
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