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"I have been using Blue Heron for several years now and I have remained extremely pleased with the company. We sell our discount cards for $10 and make a profit of $7.50 per car We typically sell 1000 cards and our community loves them! The product always ships quickly and Blue Heron takes care of contacting the advertisers and everything. I haven't found any other companies willing to offer such high profits margins and great customer service."

Jennifer Tatum
Cheerleading Coach & FBLA Advisor
Washington County High School

"I have tried most every kind of fundraiser you can think of during my 22 years of teaching. As Student Activities Director, it is my responsibility to coordinate fundraisers for our school. For more than 10 years, our major fundraiser at the beginning of each school year is the discount card from Blue Heron. Pete has always worked hard to get us new discounts every year to keep our sales up. Our students have been selling 4000 cards a year.

We sell the cards for $10.00 each, and we have no trouble meeting our goal. I have a list of clients who have purchased cards from students who have since graduated. Each year, they want a new one, so they send in their check and I mail them a card. This fundraiser is so simple and easy to run. I look forward to be with Blue Heron for years to come."

Richard Carter
Student Activities Board
Polytech High School

We have been using the discount cards for the past two seasons as our main fundraiser for our baseball/softball league. In the past, our league has tried everything from selling candy to raffle tickets with minimal success. The discount cards by far are the easiest and most profitable fundraiser we have done the past few years. At 80% profit, the Blue Heron discount cards are a no brainer. We always try to involve the members of the league when picking the businesses to be on the card each season which is a plus. Pete has been great to work with and the new full color cards set them apart from the others.

Chris Ferrara
Community Athletic League
Wilmington, DE

"With four kids actively involved in a variety of extracurricular and sports programs, I have been an active fundraiser for the past 15 years. I have two requirements when choosing a fundraiser. I have to make over 50% profit to the organization that I'm raising money for, and, I absolutely refuse to consider a fundraiser where any stock is involved. Discount cards accomplish both of these goals, and, Blue Heron is the best that I've ever been involved with. What sets Blue Heron apart from the rest of the cards that I've seen is the quality of the vendor offers. If you put out a quality product, resales the following year are a cinch."

Michael Bickler
Hillsboro Oregon Youth Sports

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