Get Started on your Discount Card Fundraiser

Step 2 - Complete the Agreement
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If Your Group Has Less Than 30 Members...

Our driving purpose is to see you raise the money you need for your group (or yourself). We have found that groups with less than 30 people have a hard time with discount cards because of the minimum number of cards required, and we do not want to see you disappointed. Therefore, we would like to refer you to a special fundraiser that works fantastic for groups with under 30 members. Click here to learn more.

If Your Group Has 30 or More Members...

Most groups are approved for our discount card fundraiser program, so it is best that you go ahead and complete the paperwork and forms. Please download the Agreement below.

Download the Agreement

Blue Heron Discount Cards Agreement Agreement Form

Fill out the Agreement and either fax it back to 888-802-6830 or email it to

After You Fill Out the Agreement and Fax It Back...

After you download the Agreement, click here to provide us your list of preferred businesses.

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We help groups just like yours raise have successful fundraisers.